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Friday, 31 December 2010

Food and New Years Eve and later....

..Off we go again - another "fest"!
Badly planned by someone - somewhere - too many "fests" in too few days...After this one, or maybe even during it, we'll all make our resolutions for the year to come, the more intelligent of us making resolutions that are either too easy to keep, or too easy to break...!
In Germany - southern Germany anyway, one of the traditional pieces is simple "Kartoffelsalat mit Wurst" depending on the Region cold potato salad either dressed with mayonnaise or dressed with a kind of vinaigrette, and served with "bockwurst" ( a longish sausage which is poached in water) and a good German style mustard.
In other Regions - such as Bavaria, then it is the famous "Weißwurst" (a white sausage made from veal traditionally,  but more often nowadays from pork, poached again in water, drained and served with either sour apple wedges caramelized in butter, or the above mentioned Kartoffelsalat and mustard.
Beer, of course is a must, if possible then the impeccable "poor peoples champagne - Weizenbier" ( a beer made from corn and often containing the yeast residue which is also consumed) - delicious and a real speciality.This particular brewery is world famous but there are others as well, just as good. If the "cloudy" aspect doesn't appeal, there are various clear ones generally called "Kristallweizen" available, as well...After that you'll feel good...!
Of course - in France - the need is for something else. Revolutionary countries need revolutionary things, except at foodtime....then it's back to the good stuff, irrespective of whether they were discovered by my noble aristocratic ancestors - BEFORE they had their heads sliced off.....!
(No - don't worry - this an elderly menu, at a time when OLD French Francs were still in use, so the price actually was 67,50NEW French Francs - around 10euros.....but 6,750 looks good!)
Exceptionally rich, this type of menu is made to make you ill, bearing in mind that it normally all starts at 8pm and doesn't end until around 2am...!
Of course - you can do it all at home and avoid the police controls, the drunken guests (unless you've got some at home) and generally amuse yourself better than outside, and you can go to bed when YOU wish to.....!
All in all, the British (so far as I'm aware) don't have anything special for the event nor do the Americans, and not even "Google" can help me there...!'s+dishes&spell=1&biw=1360&bih=632
Possibly fish in some form or other, but all I see is eggs and bacon and bean's and chips.......!
If any of my readers have some suggestions - please do let us all know!
Of course, there is always the New Year's Eve Buffet...something which takes care of New Year's Day as simply is topped up and replenished ......!

Here's the page with all sorts of places to go and get some inspiration......'s+Eve+Buffet&btnG=Search&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=
Personally, I'll be partaking of the "Weißwurst" version in spite of the fact that I can't get any "poor people's champagne" Revolutionary France....!
The main thing is that you all enjoy whatever you eat and drink, and that you all realise that it's only yet another year that has gone by..... just one minute.......!

(iwmpop) mr le marquis     -   30600, Vauvert, France  -   Décembre/Janvier 2010/2011

Re: A vous - To you - Pour Vous........

Hi "IMW"

Yuletide greetings from over my way. 

It must be 5 years since we said we must get together, and we've repeated it annually !

I'm currently travelling a bit, so we should aim for later in 2011 



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A vous - To you - Pour Vous........


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Saturday, 25 December 2010

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Von Uns zu Euch - De Nous a Vous - From us to you


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Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas-Weihnachten-Noël- "a must" - ein Muss - un obligation"......

FR: Vous avez, chacun, vos propres traditions a Noël...mais voici les vôtres et celles des autres....des idées différente, peut être....

DE: Jede hat seinen eigene Traditionen fur Weihnachten, aber hier sind einige Vorschlage von anders wo....Neue Ideen vielleicht....

EN: Everybody has their own traditions at Christmas time, but here are a few new ideas for a change maybe......
Impossible to ignore Christmas...! There will be so many things written about Christmas in the kitchen that I'm not going to pass a lot of time on it....just one little article - this one!
But....first of all, a couple of links to let you enter the world of others - around the world. Maybe you're looking for something different this year.....
Here is one which takes you on a World tour of.....Christmas menus...all over the place  (Just go to the button "Countries")
Then another one that'll do the same thing - just differently.... (this one has a list of countries on the main page)
These two links are in English, but just by "googling"  "Menu Weihnachten" you'll find thousands of things in German, or "Menu de Noel" for the French suggestions.....
Of course, everyone know the traditional mental image of Christmas time, but not everybody wants it, nor can have it. Personally, I can't imagine celebrating Christmas somewhere on a sun drenched beach...wouldn't seem right at all...others fly away to do exactly that, and even others don't know anything different!...There are even certain celebrations that English people could only say "shocking" to..........and by the look on the ladies faces, this looks rather real.....
In any case, no matter where you celebrate it, you're going to eat too much, probably drink too much - you may even be ill from "over-indulgence" - but just say (like millions of others) it's only once a year, and a "good resolution" will be made in a weeks time.
Won't work, of course, but it'll make you feel better!
Of course some of us - well some of you - either won't bother, or will feel that it is all beyond you, and just give up.....Don't worry, you won't be ...on your own!
Maybe I could make some little suggestions.....
1. Don't forget to take the Turkey out of the freezer - even better, buy a fresh one!
2. Don't overcook it - cook it 30 minutes less than suggested. You CAN always put it back in to cook it longer, but once overcooked, not only is it dry, but there is no remedy! Can't go backwards...! This is way overcooked......try covering it with aluminium and "brown it off" only in the last 15-20 minutes...
3. Get someone else to carve've got other things to do, and anyway you don't want to look an idiot....again!..Grandad's are ideal for this sort of job....!
4. The drinks - if you let "hubby" and "Uncles" sort that out, as usual, you risk only having half filled bottles on the table, but two (or more) highly inebriated, but in good mood, people sitting around...Grandad won't be pleased - he'd prefer to have done that than carve the Turkey...!
5. Make sure you've allotted the washing up to the kids and other useless appendages...Time they did something apart from throwing ripped present paper all over, and beating hell out of the drum that some nut gave as a present...! AND....keep your eye on wherever they are towards the end of the meal....they have a habit of sliding away somewhere....
6. From start to finish guard your food....Cats adore Christmas - turkey and cheese, creamy cakes, all just lying there on the kitchen table - and nobody in sight....!  Even dogs and other "pets" can rapidly reap havoc on your festive table.....
Just respecting a few little rules, and you'll have a really enjoyable time.... up!
Happy Christmas to all my readers,,,,,,I'll be back before new year.......!

Christmas Cat 2007 ! by Charlie Anzman.
“I’ve trained myself to breathe shallowly and not even so much as move a paw in preparation for Christmas morning when I will wreak havoc on the heart-warming holiday scene ’round the Christmas tree. Ho, ho, ho, and bwaa, ha, ha!”

(iwmpop) mr le marquis          -           30600, Vauvert, France         -    Décembre 2010

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

"Special" occasions.

..A subject not often talked about, but recent events made me think of it.
Death, in general, is a topic people shy away from, although an inevitable event.
One thing is sure, the unfortunate person concerned will not take part, and unless particularly well organised he or she will not have

 .......arranged anything particular. There are Societies who specialise in such events, much on the same lines as the "special event caterers".

. Since time immemorial, such meals have been arranged mainly as a mark of respect for the "defunct",  and are a part of every Society's tradition.
Nowadays it has become rather similar in style to many other "happier" events, such as weddings, birthdays, namedays and all the rest, but still somewhat more specialised. 
Care must be taken to stay within a respectful "decency" - decoration must be carefully chosen, music and speeches carefully examined for possible errors.
..Flower arrangements must be chosen with the "departed" in mind, and finally, but probably most importantly, care must be taken in the seating arrangements. Those known to have "conflicts" with other invited guests should be seated well apart, simply to avoid any scenes at the event.
Yes - nowadays mainly done in a buffet style,  cold and hot being served, but always with the possibility of being seated, it's not a stand up finger party, and depending on the circumstances, care must be taken regarding the possible physical condition of some of the invited guests, often aged, possibly frail, sometimes extremely emotional. The "serving staff" should be respectful, not "over friendly" or serve with laughs and large smiles, but equally well not with tears in their eyes or with a downright miserable attitude. This "last supper" is supposed to allow others to talk about past events, to pay any marks of respect they may have, but all in a normal manner - neither dejected nor elated. Certain items should be avoided, items such as Champagne, a mark of gaiety....unless of course the defunct has deliberately left instructions, as sometimes happens, that the event should be light-hearted. Even then, it's not every guest who is capable of doing so, and "light-heartedness" can easily swamp over into a disrespectful orgy of humour.
A good professional caterer will always have "contingency" plans.

The Germans call this "Leichenschmaus" and it often takes place in the defunct's local "Gaststätte" or very often in the special rooms attached to the Cemetries. The tendency in Germany is to have a simple thing served, very often the "Kaffee und Kuchen"  (Coffee and Cake) without the exotic and luxurious "Sahnetorten", or the typical German style meals consisting of a soup, a dish of roasted meat with sauerkraut or potatoes, or "Knödeln" (I've already dealt with the subject in an earlier posting). Rarely is music played unless the defunct requested it, or was a member of some Musical Association. 
The drink served is invariably beer, with wine available for those who wish, coffee always being served as well. The organisers should always have access to the possibilities of arranging other drinks, such as non-alcoholic or infusions such as tea. 
Here again, the German version of Champagne (Sekt) should be avoided, unless desired by the defunct.
In France, the situation is difficult. I personally have never seen or heard of such a ceremony, and the nearest I can find towards it is a translation given as: 
repas d'enterrement {m} (you can click on this link to see more...)

In all the cases I have been associated with, the friends and families have simply returned to the home of one or the other of the participants with mr. le Curé or Minister of Religion also being invited, as in Germany, or a meal has been offered to specially selected guests in a nearby Restaurant.
Strangely enough, in France the same description is given to the various forms of "stag nights" - "Enterrement de la vie célibataire"- in other words a "last fling" before marrying, for both male or female candidates....
Every country has it's own rules and traditions, so if you are ever invited or obliged to attend one, have a quick check on what would be normal before attending. a naïve way, hoping you will never need these informations and suggestions, I can only recommend that you stay as healthy as possible, and that starts and ends with what you eat....and what you can afford...! 


iwmpop (mrlemarquis)        -            Vauvert, France          -      Décembre 2010

Saturday, 20 November 2010

German weekend-Wochenende Deutsche art - Weekend Allemande

  German Weekend...? Doesn't really change much for me, I always watch the "footie  - Bundesliga" every weekend.....!
Das Ändert nicht sehr viel - Ich schaue immer die "Bundesliga" an...jedes Wochenende...! 
Weekend Allemande - ça ne change pas grande choses, je regarde toujours le "Bundesliga" - chaque fin de semaine....!
 Goethe's country, sometimes called (by the German's themselves "Schnitzel land") Germany supplies everyone with a whole bundle of different culinary specialities. Centrally located in Europe, the German cuisine takes a mixture of all sorts from its neighbours. It's not for nothing that one of the favourite dishes at Society events is called "Goulashkanone" ..Originally, as the name suggest, invented for military purposes - to feed soldiers in and around the battlefield - it was adopted by a civilian population after the various wars as a simple but delicious method of feeding large quantities of people at public events. The Germans, apart from the military, knew these things as a source of nourishment in the public streets after and between the World Wars. They were often the only source of food for many, and along with the "Suppenküchen" (Soup Kitchen's) they nourished an almost starving population for a long time. Today is different, but the people still queue up for soups...Another interesting "collective" name in German cooking is  "Eintopf" which simply means "one pot", and covers a multitude of delicious and sometimes AWFUL dishes, but always cooked in one pot, all mixed up. Cereals, vegetables meat, dried vegetable such as "Linsen" are all used - not always all together, but in relation one to another, and always in one pot! Saves radically on the washing up...!
Here is a link to take you to "Eintopf" recipes....   -  (This page is in ENGLISH, but you can change the language on the page)...This might just give some of those Americans of German roots a bit of interest to try out those things their ancestors ate - all the time, and you won't need your dish washer, so freely available in the "New World" either....Just "one pot" - "Eintopf" - even..! I'd like to make a suggestion or two about simple, straight forward German dishes, always popular for a Sunday lunch in Germany.
To begin to understand what "Sunday" lunch means  in Germany, and the important position it takes in life, you must firstly appreciate the traditions of "Fruhschoppen".   ....This page, in English, is a rather mild and kindly (towards the male population) explanation. 
After more than 40 years in Germany, from North to South, East to West, I can assure you all that the typical event is rather more a sort of "male gathering in the pub, whilst the women folk go to the church and then return home to do the cooking...whilst the males stay "arranging the world" around the table laden with schnapps and bier.......!"   Unfortunately a growing number of females of the species are arranging "women only" respect...!
The traditional "Fruhschoppen" participants are NEVER late home on these Sundays. It's more than their life is worth....and around 12.30, a mass exodus takes part from the pub, with many loud "Mahlzeit's" the place is emptied in about 10 seconds....!
(The word "mahlzeit" is a strange one. It is used permanently by all Germans when they leave somewhere to go eating somewhere else, and it is loudly proclaimed by them when they enter wherever it is they are going to eat - a sort of general greeting. 
As the French would say "Bonne Appetite" so the German says "Mahlzeit"....! The problem for foreigners is that the word, literally translated just means simply "Mealtime" and foreigners tend not to understand a race that announces regularly to everybody "Mealtime" and then disappears......At least the French greeting "Bonne Appetite" has something to impart on the subject, but "Mahlzeit".....?
Of course the English speaker understands even less, because he doesn't say anything at all -  except maybe a bad version of "Bonne Appetite" - in bad French...uncivilised lot....!
Now - what are a lot of these proud males hurrying off home for....?
Typically - the following......
An irritated wife, who doesn't know just how much beer hubby has drunk, nor how many schnapps he chased them down with.....
Irritated, bawling and hungry kids who are waiting impatiently to spill everything everywhere...
and...probably the "in-laws" who only come, mainly uninvited, on Sundays - just to complete the misery......
"Mutterchen" will probably have the following all prepared and ready, and - careful - if you're late...! You'll have to wait a while - the stuff has to be appreciated, so just be patient... and try to put a smile on your face.....!

1. The traditional soup. Could be anything, but generally liked is the "Ochsenschwanzsuppe" (oxtail) laden with chunks of meat..... like this, or like this:...and I'll even give you a link to understand how to do it...(Yes - you CAN buy them already made, but it isn't the same, and you need that extra cooked meat.....)

  1. (you can click on any of the photos and be taken to the page concerned...) or you can go here:

  2. 2. The all time "Sunday favourite......"Rinderrouladen mit Rotkohl und Kartoffelnknödeln"
    (Braised beef rolls - stuffed or not - with red cabbage and potatoe dumplings.....)
     All the German speaking countries have this on their menus. It's an all-time favourite, here you go....a different one so you can have it translated.....

rinderroulade mit knödel Rezept/e

 - [ Translate this page ]
CHEFKOCH.DE: 2 rinderroulade mit knödel Rezept/e gefunden (insg. 145.921 ...ödel/Rezepte.html - Cached

Now, if you don't understand, just click on the "translate this page" above....and - if any of the links don't work, just "copy and paste" them to your address bar.....

I'm basically in agreement with this recipe, and I'm trying to make my life easier....and yours! The only comment I would make is that the secret of a succulent meat and a really good sauce is in the "seizing" of the meat...this gives the colour and keeps the meat juices inside whilst giving taste and flavour.
Another little point is that "knödeln" can be made from all sorts of things, and accompany many other dishes. It means "dumplings" and they are an integral part of the Germanic "sleek-line" meals......! So you can try others, here is the necessary information.....

3. Probably no cheese will be served - it isn't German custom, that is saved for "abendbrot" or Supper, also known as "Vespers" in Catholic areas.

4. As a dessert, Sunday may not be served, the "Kuchen" (cheesecake and the like) being reserved for around 4pm as a "Kaffeekränzchen", but there may be a "pudding" (same thing as in English, just pronounced as if there were two "t's" instead of two "d's"...)

After all this, the Television is required, there's nothing better to fall asleep in front of, whilst the bawling kids do the dishes, "Mutti" gets on with the Sunday afternoon "Kaffee und Kuchen" - unless, of course. "Pappi" is a nice guy and has promised to take his tribe down to the local "Konditorei" this does happen...
Now - I haven't even mentioned drinks! 
Well - we're in Germany so - guess what.....Bier - maybe.....? A delicious "poor man's champagne"... WEIZENBIER....made from corn and not from malt, the French get it all mixed up and call these things "Bière Blanche" - a misinterpretation of the word "Weizen" meaning "white" when it actually means "corn"....Oh these French...!
Of course Germany produces some wonderful wines, red, white, rose and even sparkling. Since this is beef, maybe a red German or a sparkling "Sekt" would be nice.....
I hope I've helped a little to rewake old ideas, and if you do any of this, think about me....I'd love an invitation....!

The subject "German Cookery" - like all countries cookery - is immense, and I'll be coming back and back with other suggestions in the future - for the moment - GET ON WITH THESE ONES......and - I'm always ready to accept invitations.....

"Schone Sonntag"................................        

"Bonne Dimanche"    
"Happy Sunday".......... ....................................... 

iwmpop (mr le marquis)    -      Vauvert, France     -          Novembre 2010

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Lecker...Tasty... Appétissante

Des bonnes choses - de presque partout...! Leckereien von fast Uberall...! Tasty things from almost everywhere...! *********
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