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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

St Martin's ......Gans.....Goose....Oie .....(in German)

As the Americans have their Turkey on Thanksgiving 26-11-2014 so do the Germans have their St Martin's Goose on St Martin's Day (11-11) chance the day that 'Karneval' also starts................... which goes on to just before Easter, into March.
If you don't read German, use Google Translate  - copy and paste the url then choose your language........

Bonne Appétit!

Foto / Abb: © Weber
Gegrillte Gans
mit Quitten und Äpfeln
Gans vom Grill: Das edle Geflügel wird mit frischen Kräutern gefüllt, im Kugelgrill werden gleichzeitig mit der Gans Quitten und Äpfel als fruchtige Beilage gegart.


Foto / Abb: © kikkoman
Gänsebraten zum Martinstag
Die Gans gehört wie der Laternenumzug zum Martinstag einfach dazu –  wir haben tolle Rezepte für den üppigen Geflügelbraten für Sie zusammengestellt: Ob traditionell oder raffiniert mit neuen Beilagen, lassen Sie es sich schmecken!


Foto / Abb: © California Walnut Commission
Feldsalat mit Birnen
und Gänsebrust
Nussiger Feldsalat mit gerösteten Walnusskernen, Weintrauben, in Ahornsirup pochierten Birnen und geräucherter Gänsebrust. 


Foto / Abb: © Dr. Oetker
Süße Martinsgänse zum Knabbern
Martinsgans mal ganz anders: Knusprige Plätzchen aus Buttermürbteig, ausgestochen in Gänseform und dekoriert mit Hagelzucker und Rosinen. 


Foto / Abb: © foodinaire -
Gänsekeule mit Rotkohl
Falls eine ganze Gans zuviel ist, lassen sich die Keulen auch alleine zubereiten - dazu gibt es Rotkohl mit Zimt, Nelken und Johannisbeergelee.


Lust auf Schokolade
Eine neue Ausgabe von "LandEdition" liegt jetzt am Kiosk für Sie bereit. Diesmal erwarten Sie raffinierte Rezepte mit der besten aller Süßigkeiten: Schokolade!  Freuen Sie sich auf wunderbare Ideen für Kuchen, Torten, Desserts, Pralinen und Plätzchen.


Geschmorte Gans mit
Feigen und Pilzen
Knusprig gebratene Gans aus dem Ofen, gefüllt mit Äpfeln, Zwiebeln und aromatischen Kräutern, serviert mit karamelliserten Pilzen und frischen Feigen.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The classics - adapted....!

Everybody (nearly) knows them, or has heard of them.....the classics.
 Boeuf bourguignonne.......
This article seeks to show that there are many dishes which resemble each other, or can be adapted quite simply. Like the one above, a suggestion would be to use much cheaper wine and call it Bœuf Languedocienne..... maybe a little touch of sugar to take the 'roughness' from the cheaper red wine - why shouldn't one use ox meat with wine and you've got a speciality of my region here - 'Gardienne ....  de taureau'
....the difference is there are olives and local wine in it....
Another classic is the 'Choucroute' - not everybody's favourite because of the pickled cabbage.but pickled in Champagne it is delicious and served with the different meat cuts......well! Again some small changes can be made. A lot of rinsing in cold water can reduce the 'vinegary', and steamed potatoes can be served with the whole thing, reducing the vinegary even more!
Drink an Alsace wine or a German riesling - at the limit Champagne!

Another one.....? How about 'petit salé?'
  here with lentils.
Actually, when I'm in Germany, I love this dish with German style bread

Deutsch: SchlachtplatteDeutsch: Schlachtplatte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)........Schlachtplatte means 'slaughtered dish'not a tempting title, but a delicious meal, particularly in the evening.
Of the thousands of 'classics' one of my favourites is the simple ......'Steak Tartare' complete with all the bits and bobs
Not for everybody I dare say, and only to be eaten in places you trust!
There are so many classics that I will have to ome back again!
Starters,desserts, cheeses and all the rest, but you can make a start here, or - of course - you can just have .........
followed (or with) 

Sunday, 14 September 2014


As most of you will know, I have been busy 'moving house' so couldn't get anything written, but a few spare moments have been accorded..!
 This is the flower of the courgette or zuccini plant. It is eaten cooked in deep fat and batter  or 'fried meuniere' (in flour and olive oil) all over the mediterranean area - particularly Italy and France. They are delicious, quick and easy, if a little expensive. They are also not always available, and are easily damaged, so care must be taken and they should be posed on a paper cloth after cooking, or on a grill raised from the counter. They must be eaten quickly. Just fresh salt and pepper, from the moulin (mill) at a limit some fresh squeezed lemon juice - that's it!
On to another one, the Aubergine or Eggplant....Although available almost everywhere, it is again more a Turkish, Italian or French vegetable, the recipes come from these places mainly..It is relatively cheap, easy and quick to prepare, the main thing to remember is that 'oxydisation' or 'browning' when cut (the air gets at it) must be avoided, easily done by rubbing the cut surface with lemon juice or vinegar and not letting it lie around too long.
This is a turkish version  'Imam Bayildi, '.......
Although aubergines can be stuffed with sauce bolognese (meat) it is just as nice and simpler (and cheaper) to have it grilled,with a tomatoe on top,  melted cheese and garlic  or simply fried in olive oil, meunière (dipped in flour with salt, pepper and ground garlic)
One of my favourites which I learnt in Sicily (where you never leave anywhere without having a bag of fresh lemons pressed in your hand) is a sort of aubergine pie, layers of aubergine with all kinds in between the layers. Try this Italian place.........some good recipes.
Other 'special' vegetable meals have to do with the price. Asparagus not too expensive, but its sauces 'hollandaise' - 'béarnaise' which cost a small fortune! Stuffed mushrooms  very enjoyable, 'ratatouille'quite cheap here because this is an area where all the ingredients are grown 
For me, even the simple glazed carrot is special and those little onions which are  sold pickled in vinegar in USA and UK are quite delicious, served by themselves  or with veal stew.
As an unusual starter, try 'Devils on horseback' is the link:
In any case, vegetables can always be used in many ways, so have fun!

Bonne Appétit!

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