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Thursday, 28 April 2011

It's all happening in London...but always did!

London collage.Image via WikipediaHaving been obliged to return my invitation, I thought a little something about London. Capital of the World was called for....but - the London I used to know!
I went to School in London, I worked in many different occupations in London, I served in a uniquely London Regiment, I was stationed in London amongst many other places, I became a "Civil Servant" in London...I was married in London, I bought my first "residence" in London...I played football and Cricket for London teams....and....London was a the time....

Whilst doing some research for an older article with a view to updating it, I came across a couple of newer things, so I thought I would present them to you all here, because it has a great deal to do with "food - glorious food"....
On this video, you'll find a little history, AFTER my time, of Gordons, Free Vintner, and in the article, you can read all about Gordons Free Vintner at MY has very little in common, but in the video there are some nice scenes of FOOD.....I like the look of the food, I just think I'd prefer the place as it was in the old times, particularly the prices....!
Acknowledgments of course to the creator of the Video....Karim Lemrini Suarez:

Oldest Wine Bar in London from Karim Lemrini Suarez on Vimeo.

and.....I must say it........ thanks to myself for the memories...!

I hope you enjoy it....sorry I can't make it tomorrow.....!


iwmpop(mrlemarquis)      -    Vauvert,France          -      Avril 2011

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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Est-ce possible...? Impossible...? Unmöglich....

Category 90 days emergency supply bundles... In general I've little against stuff in tins. I'm not a great eater of the contents, but I do have a couple of things - just in case, a couple of tins of vegetables, a couple of fruits, a couple of fishy products, even a couple of "finished" meals - like cassoulet or Choucroute. Like the adverts used to say, "it's not because it's already done that you don't have to do anything" - in fact, a little creativity and "adjusting" works miracles, just a little touch of sugar or a little wine or sherry vinegar....and it's a different thing!
That said, these things are going just a little bit too far for me!

I recall many years ago getting an issue of "compo" (Composite) rations in the Army, and imagine - a couple of the tins were marked "WWII stock"!
I understand that some of the tins issued in WWI are still perfectly edible. Imagine corned beef from a cow that died almost a century ago....puts another meaning to "best by" dates!
Here are some more "wonders"......By the way, if you look at the prices - well, you won't be in a hurry to order....!

Category powdered milk

category powdered whole eggs

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Friday, 22 April 2011

Food for thought....and other things....

“borrowed with thanks” - from:


Just a little thing to let you see that eating can not only be fun and useful in the preparing and consuming, but also in other ways......

Natural Aphrodisiacs to Boost Your Sex Drive

February 14th, 2011 cate
Chocolate - Lucky for us we LURRRRVE chocolate to bits! Forget the white or milk chocolate, and instead, head for the decadent, dark rich yummy bar with at least 70 percent cocoa solids. Cocoa contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that is known to boost arousal and enhances your mood.
Figs - A popular aphrodisiac with the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. These crunchy sweet yet soft luscious fruit are known to build up sexual stamina because of the high amino acid content.
Garlic – Probably best not to eat this just before your Valentine’s date. However, garlic contains allicin, which is an active ingredient that increases blood flow to both your sexual organs, resulting in a stronger erection in guys and better orgasms for guys and girls.
Coffee for her - I normally am so against coffee but once in a while might be good for your sex life! Scientists discovered that coffee boosts the female libido. This works best for girls that don’t drink coffee regularly. Yay me!
Damiana Tea for him – Damiana tea contains a South American herb that will stimulate his nether regions. with an active ingredient called gonzalitosin. This induces a feeling of mild euphoria and a tingling sensation in the penis. So what if your man doesn’t drink tea, tell him about this and he’ll be saying, “put the kettle on. right. now.”
Cinnamon for him - Cakes and buns with cinnamon will actually repel my sweetie because he HATES cinnamon but usually (for normal guys) the smell of cinnamon is one of the most arousing smells for men. I’ve heard that the smell arouses the guy and sends that much needed blood flow to the penis.
St. John’s WortThis herb really needs to be renamed because don’t most people NOT want to consume the wort of St. John? I don’t! Back to this herb. It’s commonly known to lift a sad mood, but did you know it can also do wonders for a lowly libido?
Ginkgo Biloba for him - Taking Ginkgo Biloba will boost the blood flow enough to help maintain an erection, if you’ve been having issues with that.
Gingseng - Ancient Asian secrets do not tell a lie. Gingseng enhances the libido now and has for more than 7,000 years. It gets blood flow to the genitals, as well as perking up your mental and physical energy.
Other aphrodisiacs: The following foods will get your body GOING: asparagus, cucumbers, onion, garlic, leeks, oysters, ginger, chives, scallion, black pepper, honey, cinnamon, avocado, cayenne pepper, carrots, cardamom, fennel, bananas, anise, horseradish and tumeric. Lastly, foods containing high concentrations of essential omega 3 fatty acids can boost your body’s sex drive.

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If it works - Si ça marche - Wenn es Funktioniert....

Uber Ostern, wünsch Ich Ihnen.....
Pendant Paques, je vous souhaite....
Over Easter I wish you all.....
Glittery texts by

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

different...! Use "Rolos"....!

Soft-centred chocolate Easter egg puddings

Preview image
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A couple of flowers for Easter....Have a nice time.....
Ein paar Blumen fur Ostern..... amüsieren Sie sich gut....
Avec quelque chose du bon - évidement.....
Quelques fleurs pour Paques....Passez un bon moment...

(iwmpop) Mr le Marquis - 30600 Vauvert,France - Avril 2011
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Monday, 18 April 2011

Cooking...? Down under......

This is a non-political, non-racist Weblogspot, but for a change, I'm going to probably upset all those people I know "down under"....!
You see....I didn't think that deported criminals knew a lot about cooking, being too busy with "Ned Kelly" style activities, but seems I was wrong.....!
Oh - I do apologise....!
Mind you - I didn't know how to cook Bushes,      I always assumed that was Moses job...and I'm still of the opinion that a lot of those Australian Chefs DO look more like Ned Kelly's descendants than culinary experts, but....I'm learning!
 ......It appears that Australian Cookery is "Cosmopolitan" with a tendence, logically, to the English version...these things ...called "dim sims" look suspiciously like "sausage rolls" to me, just made from 'roo meat sausages, I guess!
Being the sophisticated, hospitable Europeans that we are, if you want to see more bout the subject - try this:

You'll find things like....
Good old Aussie Meat Pie
"good old Aussie meat pie"
....or the old favourite of the "diggers down under" Vegemite Australias favourite spreadtogether with Ketchup it seems to be the backbone of down under culinary art... Of course, life wouldn't be the same without finishing off with a slice of the most delectable and

 artistically fabricated Pavlova with berries and cream.."Pavlova with berries and cream" -  interestingly enough over the "Pavlova" there is a feud going on, between New Zealand and Australia concerning the origin....the most important thing is that they keep it strictly "down under".........On my researches, I was amazed to find that little or no reference was made to the infamous and numerous wild inhabitants of that largish sub-continent, there are reportedly more of them than people... ...Now why? Either it's like the flamingos here, inedible or they're hiding a great delicacy....!
Mind you - I finally got close to my "eyeball" search, with this....."Kangaroo meat balls" - well, it's a start!...It seems that it can be used also for more traditional purposes, but they don't mention the Brussels, Roast potatoes and gravy, and they do suggest that as an "alternative" BEEF  should be used....wonder why...?
No - I'm sure that if I ever went "down under" I'd want my trials to include this exotic thing..and just hope it would neither punch me on the nose nor hop off the plate and down the dusty track.......
Actually, I wonder what "baby kangaroos"      are called...not "lambs" surely? If so, I understand why they would normally hide themselves in pouches....!
Upon more detailed investigation, I discovered that - in fact - they make just about  everything from these poor little hoppers....!
Well - in Europe we've had Ostrich meat from South Africa for some years, but "Kangy" is something I'll have to keep an eye out for. I'm sure it's delicious.
As I'm sure you have all understood - this is a "light hearted" look at that old British Colony (ooopppsss..did I spoil it all again?) - I have to say that, since Australian men (and women) have a certain reputation amongst us Roastbeefs.....
One day....maybe....I'll pop down and have a look, although I'm not too good at standing on my head....!

Mind you....they can't be ALL bad...they do play Cricket....or did...!
Even if their reputation had to be rehearsed..

Just to finish off with, I'll leave you with this charming Australian way of asking politely for something to eat.........and what happened when he didn't get it.....
....then I'd better get out of here...


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METEO chez moi-Bei mir-my zone

This is what it's doing right now....or nearly! Go with your mouse to the image and click....

Lecker...Tasty... Appétissante

Des bonnes choses - de presque partout...! Leckereien von fast Uberall...! Tasty things from almost everywhere...! *********
European Goodies...! Slideshow: Mr’s trip from France to Europe (near Dieuze, Lorraine) was created by TripAdvisor. See another Dieuze slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.
******* iwmpop (mr le marquis)- Vauvert, France - Janvier 2011