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It's Christmastime!

Clean windows!

YAHOO........! My Secret Noodle.........! Bill's ex-baby......!


I don't think anybody reckoned there to be so much of it available and rolling in every year.

At least before the Bank scandals....!

Microsoft did!

Amazing what you can do - if you start cleaning Windows! All that because of a smallish company called....?

So far as I am concerned, Yahoo is by far and away the worst and the most sensational search organ on the Web.

I found out to my cost, having had a little bit to do with one of its shareholders, that Yahoo delight in putting results into their search organ that Google do not.

I've already commented elsewhere on this fact, and when you are using a programme like "Stumble Upon" - which chooses at random, all by itself, a Website for you to look at, and you find later that these "visits" have been registered by Yahoo, you ask yourself where or what the moral aspects of Yahoo are!

This fits in nicely with Microsoft's attitude that if we can sell it, why give it away? Let's put it on test - free of charge, as a Beta programme. Once the loyal (dumb) customers have helped us sort out the problems, we'll offer them the finished product at a "reasonable" price!



They start off with - A Beta programme, free of charge, excellent back-up, unlike Windows/Microsoft/MSN "Beta" programmes there is actually a chance it'll work...! Then - when the thing has been smoothed out, it goes onto the Google list as yet another FREE programme.

With the whole Google gambit of Picasa (photo editor + plus) - Google Documents and Broadsheets (which replaces Microsoft Windows payable Office programme better and more completely) - Translation programmes quick, easy, free - Google's notebook which allows you to cut and clip whole articles or bits for use elsewhere - Google's G-mail, free, quick, safe, enormous volume (minimum 6300 MB's) - Blogging with great gadgets made simple and Free - Google Analytics, allowing you to see WHO, WHEN, WHERE somebody visited your sites, free of charge again, Google AdSense that allows you, maybe, to become a millionaire, and one of the latest inventions from Google - "Google Websites" - which already combats those totally overcharged "Webhosters" and works better anyway...

There are a load more programmes - always free (unless you want to do it on the "grande scale" as a Professional) go have a look in "GOOGLE LABS" (Try "google" searching it!)

Just one little word of warning.....MICROSOFT does NOT like Google (surprise, surprise) so if you HAVE to go to Internet Explorer (and there are important sites like "Windows Update" or "Windows Defender" or "Windows Live One Care" which only work with Explorer, even though these programmes are offered only as a "trial" free - afterwards you must pay...!) only use IE for the "must's"!

Afterwards - get back to "Firefox" as quickly as possible - it's too dangerous with IE!

Listen - I don't even work for GOOGLE , but if Google started producing an operating system (which is where Microsoft and Windows should have stayed) then I would be the first to sign up! Even if it cost me!

Why? Because, quite simply, I have faith and confidence in Google products to date. Hopefully that will never change....!

OK - like all things, there are the occasional hiccups, but in general, everything works - Grrrrrrrreat!

Google "laboratories" - a place accessible by all, even Internet Explorer users, where future programmes are being developed, free naturally!

This very programme I'm using to publish this little article - "Google Page Creator" - free of course!

Logically, GOOGLE have the best Search Organ, the best Toolbar, the best Browser (Firefox Mozilla), and recently the quickest browser (Google Chrome), without talking about the photo gallery and programme system "Picasa", Google Docs and Tables (to replace totally Microsoft "Office", an expensive luxury) - all free - NATURALLY!

I think Microsoft, MSN, Yahoo could save the money, because so long as Google stays true to its principles used up to date, they have nothing to fear from that side, at all!

Just sticks in my craw to listen to all that money being poured down the drain, because I doubt not that Yahoo will accept the "unsolicited" offer. (See "Google" offer for "Yahoo")

I don't doubt either, that those people I have had contact with who were Yahoo shareholders, will very quickly sell off, get out, before things start tumbling down - With Windows !

Of course, that shows them in true colours, after all - if you should stay there, with Microsoft and Yahoo - then, like George Formby (if you don't know who he is, do a GOOGLE search!) get busy CLEANING WINDOWS!

(iwmpop) Mr le Marquis Vauvert, France. February 2008 - edited April 09

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