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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Unknown Scottish and other.....endangered species!

Everyone knows the Scottish whisky (the single malts 'Glens' above all) the Scottish fresh salmon and smoked salmons, the Arbroath kippers and so on, but what about some almost forgotten things like 'Clootie Dumpling' which was a treat back in the late 40's and 50's for christmas and birthdays. Birthday cakes didn't exist to buy and were normally too complicated to prepare so - a Dumpling was required!
To know what I'm talking about here's a photo: Image result for clootie dumpling recipe without suet  It was also used in Scotland very often at Christmas to replace the 'Plum Duff'  Image result for Plum Duff of English origin, together with the 'custard' or as the French say 'crème Anglais'
The Scottish variety was also used the morning after sliced into thickish slabs and fried - in margarine because we had no butter, rationing forbid it!
The clootie dumpling is a delice, the main thing is having a cotton cloth big enough to put the mixture into for steaming for hours! Here is the recipe: 

and some more Ancient Scottish treats:

(copy/paste if necessary)

There are other things which have fallen out of favour, like Bread and Butter pudding, again made with bread (old) and margarine (no butter available!)

See original image

and the recipe?

More Scottish recipes:

With various old favourites like Shortbread, Scotch Eggs and more.......

Scottish Shortbread IV Recipe and Video - Real butter and brown sugar give it an irresistible flavor. , Scotch Eggs Recipe - A delicious and easy Christmas Eve recipe for your family.....go on, enjoy yourselves!
A last one, often used as a trick question in trade examinations, Scotch - not a poultry, but an entrée made of scrambled eggs on toast with anchovies laid on top!Image result for scotch woodcock

 This can also be used as a main course.

Bonne Appétit!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Fumages - smoked food (F)

(il n'a pas que nous qui fume......!)
Bien que la plus part des nourritures peuvent être achetées déjà fumée, il y a certain qui sont préférées, ou pourquoi pas faire le votre?
L'opération consiste principalement à soumettre une denrée alimentaire à l'action des fumées qui se dégagent lors de la combustion de certains végétaux. À l'origine, le but recherché était d'agir sur la durée de conservation du produit traité : c'est ainsi qu'à côté de la salaison et du séchage, le fumage appartient au groupe des trois procédés les plus anciens de conservation des denrées alimentaires. Par la suite, la recherche principalement d'une qualité gustative, et accessoirement, celle d'un mode de présentation du produit ont prévalu.
Celui que tout le monde connais Image result for Saumon fumé (Tous sur les fumages) et   (Des recettes si vous pouvez trouver les ingredients!)

Plus connu c'est  le hareng fumée (EN Kipper) mais beaucoup d'autres poissons sont fumée, comme j'adore les saumons (Écossais, Irlandais et Finlandais , les anguilles- très populaire en Allemagne - facile a faire, regarder):        Image result for Anguilles fumee Délicieuse mais difficile a trouver en France. Les Allemandes mangent des quantités énorme!
Bien sur les viandes et autres produits peuvent être fumé comme suite:

Drôle, mais même des gens qui n'aime pas trop le poisson ont tendance d'aimer les fumées......

Essayez les - vous allez être ravi!

Je suis certaine mon ami Mr Philippe Girard peut les faire dans la cheminée de son Pere......!  Une couronne d’office en fer forgé formant un dôme ajouré, décoré de volutes, est suspendue par une barre de fer torsadé au plafond en voute blanche du Musée de la Gourmandise ; un gros jambon et des saucissons de tailles diverses sont attachés à ses crochets par des ficelles.

Bonne Appétit!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Food is International......

Since food is international, here are some links in English, French and German (use Google translator if you don't understand.....)

(In English - back to school meals)

(In French)


(In German - peppers & mushrooms)  Weitere Fleisch Rezepte: Cevapcici mit Paprikareis

Try some of these dishes - they are all good!

Bonne Appétit!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Healthy but Gutsy........

Image result for Offal All this stuff, and more is generally called ''offal', some people who don't like them call them 'guts' (amongst other things)
Actually very nutritious they should not be cooked as most people do - far too much, overcooked they become brittle and lose a lot of their value.
The British like 'Liver & Onions' or 'Liver & Bacon' (mainly for the bacon, I think) Image result for Liver & Bacon
Personally I used to love my liver just flour coated and fried on each side for about 2 minutes. Still tender and a little bloody/rare!
Veal liver is the best or lambs liver, but unfortunately also the most expensive.
I stay with ox (beef) liver and I just used to love tongue of beef, lamb, pork normally in a Madeira wine sauce Image result for Madeira wine sauce
Image result for cod liver oilBrains were a little bit too fiddly for me to bother much, but they are tasty as well.
All of these things tend to be on the cheaper side and all animals (even humans-more or less) also have them
Multi talented, ever heard of 'Cod Liver oil'? Full of good things......!

We were given a daily dose of this at school in Scotland along with a small bottle of milk and a dose of orange juice.....FREE OF CHARGE......this was during and just after the World War 2 when things were scarce.
It always amused me that somehow there was always enough milk left over for the teacher's Tea......!
Anyway, nowadays- with a surplus of milk they no longer get free milk at school, and Cod is in very limited supply as well. Orange juice nowadays is no rival for what we used to get free, and you have to buy it yourself!
At the moment I can't eat all these things due to my stomach ulcer and digestive problems but I hope I will be able to again later ...........
So - do yourself and your wallet/purse a favour and get:

 list of offals:

Not every day, but more often........

Bonne Appétit!

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