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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gonna miss it all......!

These are the melons my wife used to take back to Germany, by train, with her, and by the time they arrived, the whole train was endowed with the odour, happily it wasn't Munster cheese! 

   Just had our first charentais melon of the year, 3 days before leaving for 3 months! Delicious, as usual, even if not quite as concentrated  in flavour and odour as in full season.
At least it wasn't Munster cheese from France, unlike its German sister/brother, it's the best thing to chase   any Customs Official for miles!
get yer teeth around this....
Going away in the high period of low price,  grade 1 fruit and veg from local source is a shame ......maybe the hamburgers and hot dogs will appease me....? 
Just my simple French baguette will be missed (I know nothing about American breads) - if all these ARE really available then I should be all right  but - honestly, right now I'm already missing my baguette - still warm -    Well - we'll see!

If I make it back, alive - I'll let you know about eating habits elsewhere on this planet.

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Going away for a while.......partez quelques temps......

  Et voila, on va partir pendant quelques temps. Ce n'est pas completement des vacances, mais j'espère voir des choses nouveaux. Je sera capable les partager avec vous sur Blogger, donc - vous devez regarder souvent!
Yes, we're going away for a while, not entirely on holiday, but I hope to be able to keep you up to date verbally and in images, so - keep on looking in.....!

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Aubergines and stuff........

Aubergines (Egg-Plant) is available almost world wide, and there are many ways to prepare them.
My simplest way is to slice them length wise, sprinkle some lemon juice on the  to the sides open to the air, to stop them acidising (as potatoes do) and going brownish. From this stage, after a couple of hours you can start creating!
Dipped in seasoned flour and fried simply in oil, they are already very agreeable...If you have access to a veal stock or sauce made from veal stock and cream, they are delicious, and resemble, in taste, a veal escalope - at a price way down from the real article 

Another way I like to cook them, I learned in a "tourist" village, called Taormina in Sicily during a couple of seasons in the only thing that counted as an Hotel,  but so simple and delicious.....but that remains my secret!

Hotel with Mount Etna in the background

Even simpler is to do the basic preparations as above, prepare a sauce "Bolognese" (also called "gravy" in certain areas of Long Island and the Italian quarters of New York!)
Fry the thick slices of aubergine to brown them on both sides, then cover them in your Bolognese/Gravy, grate some nice cheese on top, or Parmesan will do the job as well
then just slide it into the oven - covered for around 30 minutes, and then open for 15 minutes to allow the cheese and sauce to "gratin"........
You won't regret it!
Incidentally, when making the Bolognese/Gravy, even if you are diabetique (not a seriously ill one of course) like myself, then never forget the golden rule - tomatoes are a "sun fruit"- they taste infinitely better (as do sauces made from them) if the tomatoes used are fresh from countries with REAL sunshine and not greenhouses! 
If they are not, then taste them, and - if necessary just add a pinch of sugar or if you have it, fruit glucose - that pinch of sweetness makes a difference of ENORMITY in any tomato dish

Now - If I spend all this time composing articles and giving you some professional secret tips, I hope you use them, and NOT TOMATO KETCHUP.........!

You can use that on your horsemeat burgers......!
Bonne Appétit! 
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Work feast day and the President......

A long absence doesn't mean I haven't been shopping, cooking and eating, it just means I've been so busy doing all that so I haven't had time to tell you about it! Let's try to catch up........

You were able to read about our Easter menu, and with one or two changes it all wnt off as planned, and we had enough ham for a Regiment (in fact, I've still got a load in the freezer!)

This is probably a good thing, since here in France the month of May is rich in Public (Bank) Holidays - starting on the 1st May with "La fête du travaille" (Workers Festival day) - a day when nobody goes to work, and I'm going to try to join them.........but if any of you want to work in the kitchen, then here are a couple of ideas..   (this guy loves 'em) Actually, he looks familiar.......!
  I bet he likes these as well!
I'll leave it at that for the moment, because it's Sunday and I've got lunch to prepare....Tina's favourite - Roast chicken....!

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