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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

 Oh yes - I remember these well....!
ration -
 We called it 'Compo'
(Composite rations)
all in tins or packets,
and some of it was damned
 I recall in particular
 File:Lancashire hotpot.jpg this -
 'Lancashire Hotpot', but real -
with mutton...!
a meal you can
prepare fresh and put on before
on a low, low heat -
 it's ready when you come home!
There was also 'Treacle pudding,
 or my absolute favourit
 'Apricot pudding'
.......There was a little tin opener
in each pack, and other
bits and pieces like chocolate
and boiled sweets to suck -
 in the trenches! Didn't have
any tripe though!
I recall, when attached to
 the French,
they had little packs of 5
Gauloises cigarettes
 which gave me the taste!

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The American variety were
sometimes doted with a
kind of magnesium/sulphur
 strip which,
 when pulled off,
heated up the contents.....
was a novelty!
Of course, this was all
intended for
emergency rationing,
but often had to be used in
kitchens for 'turnaround'
although I recall cartons
dated 1912
from the war of 14/18 -
still perfectly good!
Bread was not often
except in the form of
hard pumpernickel or wafers,
and eggs had to be stolen from
 the local farmer!

(the presence of Tea tells you which
this came from!)
Although we quite enjoyed this stuff,
for a while,
we were always happy to get back
to base and
fresh daily provisions.....
at the time, the one thing everybody
went for on return was,
of course, bacon and Eggs...
(this link goes through
all the typical meals in one day
except this one.....
Second breakfast 
(or zweites Frühstück
Drugie śniadanie
is a meal eaten after breakfast
before lunch
It is traditional in Bavaria, and in 
In Bavaria or Poland, 
special dishes are made exclusively 
to be eaten during second breakfast. 
In Vienna and most other parts of 
Austria the 
second breakfast is referred to as Jause.[1
]It is typical to eat four to five meals 
a day in these locations)....
 even myself - probably why -
I'm cardiac nowadays!
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Café.....and its place.....

 No - this article is not only about the place called a café, or restaurants, but more about a tradition called 'pousse-café' - still very much appreciated here in France. As the name indicates, it is something to 'push the coffee' or 'coffee push' and normally consists of a small glass of 'digestif' (Cognac, Calvados) very fiery 40deg or higher, taken after a heavyish and good meal and after (or with) the coffee. Our predecessors were not stupid, and although they did not have access to all the medicaments we have now, they made their own.......'digestives' as well as many others, every country had their own, many made from herbal sources not too agreeable and rather bitter, but that is a personal question of taste.The fact of the matter isthat it works - the digestion is assisted, greatly.....and one can sleep easier. Works as well if you are awoken by some kind of 'eating bug' - something you have eaten which disagrees with you. In this case no cafe....just the alcohol (whisky or others can be used as well for this) straight from the bottle - one or two gulps and back to bed....invariably you fall asleep and sleep through till morning - this is what is called 'medicinal' use, and obviously depends on your own circumstances, both health and financial! It is quite amusing to hear and see 'older' women coming, (in Germany) to the Chemist for their nightly stuff, without which they can't wonder, the stuff is between 70 and 90vol/alcohol, and basically they fall asleep 'smashed'!

The 'pousse-café' also used to be a replacement, in bygone days, for rewarding a Chef for his skills if one appreciated them, in a hotel or restaurant, where cash 'tips' were not permitted to kitchen staff, then a pousse-café was o ffered, and to camouflage it, it was offered in the form of the alcohol poured into and expresso coffee......because, of course - alcohol was forbidden in the kitchens....! In these days it is rare, but does still happen!
Of course café....or Kaffee is extremely popular, particularly in Switzerland and Austria. In Austria the 'Kaffeehauser'   are centers of culture, conversation and 'torte' (cake) - 'Cafe-kuchen, in Germany always on a Sunday afternoon own personal favourite being Kaffee with Apfelkuchen und SahneIn Switzerland (the German speaking part) they have the cream next to the Kaffee in a little pot made of chocolate (Swiss of course) - you pour the cream into the Kaffee and pop the chocolate pot into your mouth....! Different.......Don't know what you do if you want the chocolate but no cream in your koffee...! In any case, Café...Kaffee....Coffee - whatever, it gives us much pleasure in many forms - this is just one of them!

Bonne Appétit.....
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Time of the year.....les saisons.....Jahreszeiten

'Now is the winter of our discontent'......well - not quite, not yet, but the more I watch various news and current affair programmes, the more I hear about food areas which are not really happy about the harvest! But then - have you ever known a year when EVERY farmer/agriculturer/viniculturer is a happy camper.....? I haven't - and I've never really ever met or known a happy farmer either.....
 sitting, mainly in his Mercedes, to complain about the price of wheat/corn/vegetables/cotton/and all things else.....and how the EU and/or Governments do not subsidise them enough.....well - I can only pay so much for a kilo of tomatoes, and if the price is higher - I don't buy!
Now, all over Europe, there are things which are affordable, indeed FREE OF CHARGE......
Right now: Pilze sammeln it's the season of the woods.... (in German) enormous selection of mushrooms wild and free some beautifully poisonous, so check with an expert........Brambles - to be found (in Scotland Raspberries as well)  wild and free:  http://ww (in English)
It's the season as well of these:  one of which is an amusing experience for those who don't know it or for the children.........
  the 'spaghetti courge' which breaks up into something resembling spaghetti when cooked and can be used in the same manner, in fact there are so many different types of courge it's difficult to count them all!
Here in France, it's further complicated by the arrival of other items, little or hardly eaten in Britain, and now the new season arrives... the new season of wine approaches, with the Beaujolais Nouveau on the 3rd Thursday in November - the new olive oil is already on sale,  some things I can't eat (dental problems) like ....GRATIN AU POTIMARRON, CÉLERI ET CHÂTAIGNE - 
gratins d'automne potimarron-céleri   (in French) because the new season of nuts is arriving......
So - all in all, we have a very large selection to try out before Winter arrives with it's own products, and Noel .......
To your marks - get set - GO........!

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