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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Clean out-Nettoyage - Zaubermachen....

When your stomach needs a clean..
Parfois faut nettoyer ..l'estomac.......                                        
Ab und an muss man das Bäuchlein zauber-machen....

      I'm told that "fibres" are the thing required when you're feeling a little below the weather, for whatever reason.
They clean your stomach out - they say......Well - it's true -
but sometimes RADICALLY.....!
You see - often the very products that supply us with "fibres" are considered to be edible by many people only when they've had just about every nourishing thing boiled out of them!
The whole point of "fibrous" food is that it should make the stomach do something to earn its pay!  Fibrefood could be seen as sort of "sandpaper food" for the stomach....literally grating its way down to the murky depths.........of course there are other "preparations" to clean out a "mucky" stomach, but most of them are prepared from relatively agressive materials, often doing more harm than good.
The secret is to find the good mix of "fibrous" - "acidy" - "alkaloid" all ready to seal a non-aggression pact with each other for the common good.
The fruits, the vegetables, the grains,  and all the other make ups of "digestive remedies" can in fact be thoroughly enjoyable, always allowing that they are cooked (or not) to present the maximum taste and effect.The sole reason that we often find ourselves in difficulties with our little stomachs is because we don't treat them right! We don't give them what they require to do the job - digest! Results are rapid........

Either in one sense or the other our stomachs revenge themselves and make us suffer and yet
its so easy to avoid it.....

No excesses.....!  
What a boring life......!
Some people don't see excesses quite in the same light, and it is true that excess in "healthy" things can be just as bad as excess in "unhealthy" things.
Fruits, salads, raw vegetables can all be eaten in excess, and cause harm, just as the well known "bad" foods can and are. The mix is the secret, and everyone has their own preferences and quantities. Common sense should really tell us when we've had enough of anything, but there are occasions when common sense can't be applied....

There are thousands of specialists "Dieticians" who seem to spend their lives telling us what we're doing wrong for hours, and only come up with a couple of minutes totally uninteresting and therefore generally worthless, facts or advice..

You have to find your own solution generally, but you can base your "researches" on some of the facts given by the Dieticians, and adapt or adopt your own quantities and taste. Generally, if there is something you really like, the probabilities are that won't be allowed it....!
That's the nature of things...but there's always a silver lining......somewhere....just go find it.....!

Bonne Appétit et Bonne Nettoyage....


iwmpop(mrlemarquis)                    -                Vauvert, France       -          Février 2011

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