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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Alternative Cooking-Cuisinier autrement - Anders Kochen

Wie man auch anders Kochen kann -
Comment cuisinier autrement -
How you can cook differently....
It's a rainy day, grey and wet, so - Go cookin'......!
This is an article particularly about the method of "Vapour cooking", which is possibly the most healthy way of cooking just about anything, that exists - always depending that you have the necessary equipment .
It is possible to use the "bain-marie" method - that is to use a large pan with smaller containers inserted, but -in general -  for best results, more economy and convenience and safety, one of these things is necessary, and nowadays they aren't expensive.
Commercial vapour cooker between 15 euros and 50 euros
"Vapour cookers" come in all types and shapes, .. the principle always being the same, to cook a variety of foodstuffs all at the same time totally to perfection.
They come in round, oval (particularly good for fish), square, oblong, rectangular - they come in all sizes from small normal home use to enormous professional affairs that need to be plumbed into a direct water source, but the principle is always the same.
To be counted amongst them are also the so-called "pressure cookers", known to many for years, and which have been largely re-developed over the years, now having "timers" and alarm systems, automatic cut-off safety devices and all the rest.
This is actually what is called  a "slow cooker"
it cooks with low power and heat over a long period of time.
A typical "session" for myself - at home - would be a whole chicken or duck, even a small turkey in one compartment, generally in one of those freezer bags....just make sure they are marked as "supporting" heat to over +100C and cold to - 30C or more....  ..They are inexpensively obtainable (from "Lidl or Aldi"),  they can, and should be sealed with the accompanying metal or plastic bands - and the contents should already have been seasoned to one's own taste.
A favourite, enjoyable and simple starter.
In the second compartment - potatoes or other root vegetables, simply washed (not peeled) and placed in the compartment.
In the third compartment any green vegetables or other vegetables which require shorter cooking times, in freezer bags or not, depending on their final usage and depending on the other contents of the cooker.
Into this compartment I also put some raw eggs - they will be "steamed" or boiled to perfection in about 10-15 minutes, then refreshed in cold water - ready for a little starter like Egg mayonnaise or for decoration, or even sandwiches...Scotch eggs...and the like.
Now all of these things need different cooking times, so you must arrange them accordingly.
Vapour chicken has no colour, so it has to be further developed in many, many ways.
A chicken (whole) of up to 1500grammes.. will take around 2 hours to cook through. It can be used for many purposes - in a sauce made from the juices captured in the bag, as cold meat for cold buffets with the decoration or cold sauce required....they can be dis-membered and used as quick fried items, they can even be kept whole and just popped into a pre-heated oven to brown off.
If you don't use the juices which came out in the cooking, the taste will probably be unacceptable, but a "gravy" from the juices, simply thickened with cornflour will give you a tasty and very quick meal. Of course, a truly roasted poulty is preferable, but for those professional mums and dads.......
"False" baked potatoes - as good as "real" ones!
The potatoes cooked in their "jackets/skin" by vapour can now be used for just about anything!   ..Sautée potatoes..... the skin carefully taken off, sliced in reasonable thickness, shallow fried in butter, or even in the fat rendered by the chicken..... with or without sliced onions - they can be finished off in the oven with the chicken, and with it's natural fat, to brown everything in a sort of "false roast chicken   ..They can be used as purée, although this seems to be a shame...they can be used, wrapped in aluminium foil and passed through the oven, as  "false baked potatoes"...the possibilities are endless.
The green vegetables can be used as garnishes, or just tossed in butter and enjoyed. Green beans can be tossed in "lardons" to give a relatively substantial vegetable course, or even main course for small eaters...Brussel Sprouts can be coated with a béchamel or veloutée sauce - some breadcrumbs with or without grated cheese sprinkled on top, and gratined in the grill or oven. Most vegetables are even more delicious cooked and adapted by vapour cooking, and they are considerably healthier.
There are an enormous number of possibilities - get your imagination going.
The advantages are also numerous!
Since everything is being cooked at one time........
You'll save energy, therefore money.
You'll save time and washing up....
You'll have a whole bundle of cooked materials at hand, to quickly prepare after work meals.
You'll have cold meats ready to be used in childrens or hubby's sandwiches.....
AND - possibly most important, although you don't realise it, you'll be doing a great deal for the health of yourself and your guests/family - much less grease or fat or oil added means fewer health problems, better digestion - lower use therefore of things like......... ....this!
Less use of water.
Less use of electricity or gas.
More money saved.................................
All that because you're intelligent, and you read "Gourmandise de mr le marquis"....

Congratulations.......surely a 10% commission on all the savings isn't too much to demand?
iwmpop (mrlemarquis)        -              Vauvert, France          -             Mars 2011

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