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Monday, 2 May 2011

Cinco what...? Was fur ein Ding? quoi donc...?

Noch n'Feste..? Encore une Fête...? Another celebration....?
To be honest with you all, Mexico and its "cuisine" isn't really something I know a great deal about. It's too far away, too similar to the closer Spanish variety, sometimes too hot and spicey, and besides....they haven't really got time for cooking down there....what with Siestas and building adobes and things! Again it seems (apart from the Mexicans themselves) that the Americans are the most into clebrating this thing, just as they are with other things like Halloween. Probably we'll get a little bit imported into Europe eventually, or maybe I missed it all ready!
It's true that in France and Germany, the best known thing under "mayo" is actually "mayonnaise" but yes....I do know and enjoy a few Mexican dishes, like the infamous "Chili con Carne" or "Tortillos" - the basic stuff. I think that's the way it will stay, but for those of you who are deeper into "warmer" climes (both in the stomach and elsewhere) here is a little piece stolen from..
with thanks....That way you can look in or read here, and I can go and cook something serious.....!
Chili con carneImage via Wikipedia****************

9 Mexican-Inspired Recipes

Prepare a feast fit for Cinco de Mayo

This article originally appeared at The Daily Meal
By Yasmin Fahr, Editor at The Daily Meal

Though it is difficult to summarize a cuisine for a country as vast as Mexico, some of the ingredients that are characteristic of regional Mexican dishes include tomatillos, chiles, garlic, tomatoes, corn, cilantro, and more. Many of the ingredients just mentioned are incorporated into fantastic salsa recipes that can be used to top enchiladas, tacos, or grilled meats or fish. If you're feeling adventurous, try your hand at making these Homemade Corn Tortillas or your own baked tortilla chips (these are less time intensive). The chips are perfect for dipping into salsas or one of these homemade guacamole recipes.

And, as you probably know, Mexico is also known for his tequila and, more recently, mezcal, which are showcased in this imaginative margarita recipe from chef Rick Bayless and in this smoky, spicy, and sweet White Hot Sand cocktail.
Below, we've created some recipes that are inspired by some of our favorite Mexican dishes and ingredients. We hope you enjoy them and please share your favorite Mexican recipes with us!

Photo credit: Arthur Bovino

Arroz con Pollo
Once you've mastered the mechanics of this incredibly easy one-pot meal, you can change around the vegetables and spices to create seasonal, signature combinations, like mushrooms, peas, and thyme or carrots, broccoli, and ginger with a dash of soy sauce. Here, I chose more classic Mexican-inspired flavors to create one of Latin America's most popular comfort food dishes. - Valaer Murray
The Mexican state of Sinaloa, on Mexico's west coast, facing lower Baja across the Gulf of California, is known to some as the birthplace of such notables as the great ranchera singer and actress Lola Beltrán, or maybe of the onetime LA Dodgers pitching ace Antonio Osuna. More to the point for The Daily Meal, it was also the birthplace of chilorio — an addictive pork dish perhaps best described as carnitas in an aromatic chile sauce. - Colman Andrews

Steak with Green Chile Salsa
A combination of blistered jalapeño, lime oil, and bright cilantro created the base for my Mexican interpretation of an Argentinian chimichurri sauce. Served atop a beautifully cooked piece of meat, it was an easy and delicious dinner that can be made both outdoors on a grill or indoors on a griddle. - Yasmin Fahr

Tuna Ceviche
When the weather gets warm, nothing quite beats a cool and refreshing ceviche... - Allison Beck

Angie's Enchiladas Verdes
These enchiladas are addictive. You can straight up eat the filling by itself if there's too much left over (I have). But I can't claim credit for the recipe. It's my girlfriend's, adapted from a family recipe and gleaned from years of growing up in San Antonio. She says there are four central things that will make your enchiladas a success: using thigh meat, fresh ground cumin, frying and dousing the tortillas in tomatillo salsa before rolling them up, and lastly, having the right accoutrements. - Arthur Bovino

Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup
Why do I love my crock pot? Let me count the ways. The anticipation of the olfactory overdose at my front door at the end of a very, very long work day at The Daily Meal offices; its beautiful Kansas City Chiefs-red color (a team near and dear to my heart); the requisite leftovers; and, most important to this kitchen novice, the near-complete lack of culinary skill required to make something incredible... Should I go on? - Alexis Anderson

Chorizo and Poblano Queso Fundido
This addictive dish, which is essentially a Mexican version of fondue, is traditionally served as an appetizer. Queso fundido is best eaten straight from the oven when the cheese is still hot and bubbling. Simply scoop the cheese onto tortillas and roll it up like you do when preparing tacos. - Molly Aronica

Arroz con Leche
The first time I tried arroz con leche was at a Guatemalan restaurant in LA. My brother and I (not strong Spanish speakers) ordered a feast worth of dishes we knew little about in an effort to be "adventurous." Arroz con leche was among them. We asked our waitress, wide-eyed, what arroz con leche was, to which she blankly said, "rice with milk." - Nicole Campoy-Leffler

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo
For me, a bounty of fresh shrimp, simple as it sounds, is one of the most conflict-inducing bare canvases of the kitchen. I tend to overcomplicate it. Mexican cuisine, however, seems to have struck the perfect balance: A quick blast in hot oil with plenty of garlic to bring out the shrimp’s savory characteristics and complement its brininess. Best of all, this recipe is fast, easy, and can be served as an hors d’oeuvre, appetizer, on top of a salad, or as main course with rice or tossed with pasta. They also make killer tacos. - Jess Kapadia
Dancers at the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival i...Image via Wikipedia
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