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Monday, 16 May 2011

Plaice - Scholle - Limande....

North Sea at SunsetImage by freefotouk via Flickr
North Sea at Sunset...............full of May plaice right now......!
Fisch - Fish - Poisson.....
I'd forgotten about this......"Maischollen" (May plaice...Limandes de Mai)
It's a particularly German thing, small, fresh plaice, caught in the North Sea in the merry month of May every year, and they are quite delicious...We used to lap them up every year.
If you can't read German, use the Google translator, or just follow the's not a difficult dish, most difficult is getting the fish - outside of Germany, and being able to pay the price....nowadays!
"Matjesherringe" (New young Spring herring filets) will be coming up on the German and Dutch market shortly as well....maybe I'll have to start thinking about a Spring holiday....!
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Jetzt genießen: Maischolle

Genießer dürfen sich jetzt auf die Maischolle freuen. Sie ist besonders zart und wird nun in Restaurants angeboten. Wer sich den Fisch lieber zu Hause zubereiten möchte: Wir haben diese Woche feine Schollen-Rezepte und Infos für Sie.

Zum Rezept Finkenwerder Scholle
Mehr Infos zur Scholle

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