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Sunday, 10 October 2010


Les oeufs - des choses de base, mais tellement utile. J'aime bien la phrase en Français "pleine comme un oeuf" car c'est vrai, il n'a pas autre chose plus pleine! Dans les années 1970, les oeufs ont pris une réputation mauvaise, complètement faux. D’après une étude Américaine ils étaient le pire des choses a manger - cause CHOLESTÉROL. Cela a fait l'une des journaux, mais en effet, c’était une erreur de frappe par la sténotypiste. Au lieu de taper "2.1%" de cholestérol, elle a tapée "21%". Bien sur, l'erreur n'a pas fait l'une des journaux!
Eggs - basic things but how incredibly useful. The French have a phrase "pleine comme un oeuf" meaning "as full as an egg" and used to describe something so full that there is absolutely no room for the slightest thing - and that's true!
In the 70's, the humble but vital egg got a bad reputation. According to an American study, they were full of cholesterine!
It made page one of all the newspapers!
Actually, it turned out to be a typing mistake, instead of typing "2.1%" she typed "21%".
This did not make the page one at all so the rumour is still there!
 Eiern - einfache Dingern aber derart wichtig. Die Franzosen haben einen Spruch "Pleine comme un oeuf" (Voll wie ein ei) benutzt um Dinge zu beschreiben wo wirklich gar kein platz zu finden ist - und es stimmt!
Eigentlich - im die 70er Jahren hatte eiern ein sehr schlechtes Ruf annehmen mussen.
Laut eine Amerikanisches Studie, eiern wahren das schlimmstes das Mann essen konnte - wegen deren Cholesterin Inhalt!
Das ganze hat die erster Seite alle Zeitungen erreicht!
Tatsächlich war dieses einen Typfehler, statt "2,1%" hatte die Sekretärin "21%" getypt!
Leider hatte die Korrektur keinen platz im Zeitungen gefunden!
Eggs are basic, simple. It is the start of life - it is the incubator...
It is also the standard fall back of students when they have had enough of crisps, peanuts, chocolate bars and all the rest...!
"Google" show 21,000,400 entries - just in English for this banal round/oval product of nature! Here's the link:
It would be facetious to even want to try to give any recipes. Everybody has their own favourite way of using them, but everybody uses them, so important are they in the culinary plan.
The Americans, for some reason or another seem to have a "thing" about "Oeufs Benedictine", every European knows how to make an "Egg Mayonnaise" and even the most useless can get around to cracking open eggs into a frying pan!
The things are impossible to replace!
An interesting point, here in Europe at least, was brought home to me when I had a visitor from France, in Germany, who commented that the Germans seemed to like "duck eggs" (something which I had never seen in Germany) and I asked him why he said that.
I had never thought about it, but it is a fact - In France, hen's eggs are always BROWN!
White hen's eggs don't seem to exist, therefore he had presumed that all the eggs he had seen on the market, which were white, were - in reality - Duck's eggs!
In fact, there are eggs of almost all the colours, except red  - in their natural state - Easter eggs don't count.....!
Whatever your own favourite is, I bet it's almost always overcooked. Most people don't like "runny eggs" and yet - it's in that condition that they are best - keeping more of their natural taste and benefits.
Omelettes, scrambled eggs, if over cooked become leathery or rubbery, whereas kept liquid, they are tender and good for the digestion.
I know many people who EXIST on eggs, never a good thing to limit yourself in that way, and I know many who swear that a raw egg, not beaten or salted is the best "wake me up" in the mornings!
Yes - it's much better to be able to be confident in your supplier, but in view of the quantity of eggs consumed, daily, and the numbers of "ailments" due to egg consuming daily, the risks really do appear to be extremely low.
Whether we treat the animals, who give us this product, correctly is another matter, which I'm not going into here.

  All I would say is that eggs have been around for longer than we have, and should be treated with the respect they deserve, as should the providers of the product....!
Whenever I talk of eggs on these pages, generally hen's eggs are intended, unless otherwise stated. This is because they are the most abundant and available - everywhere, although - believe me - a Duck or Goose egg is quite an experience as well!
Frankly - the theme is SO enormous, that I'm at a loss for words, something which doesn't happen to me often, so I'll leave you to think it over - what shall we eat this evening...?
Something quick, something tasty something variable, something cheap.......well - there is only ONE choice, isn't there.....?

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And - you might even give a thought as to what that egg COULD have been.........!

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